• Shannon Ricco

Winter Preparation Tips For Your Home

It is officially that time of year again! The temps are dropping, snow is falling, and we are all tucked away for the winter. Here are a few tips to help you save some $$ and energy this winter season.

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#1. Seal up drafty doors and windows

Caulk - Seal any gaps that are less than 1/2 inch. Make sure you are choosing a grade appropriate for the location (interior, exterior, high temperature, etc.)

Spray Foam - Fill large cracks and small holes. It can be messy, so consider using latex-based foams. Make sure to use safety precautions and avoid using near flammable applications. This is not a good option for windows or doors!

Weatherstripping - Use to seal movable components, such as doors, windows, and attic access.

#2. Cover your windows

The use of shades and draperies help reduce heat loss by 10%! Open them during the day to let the sun warm the room and close them at night to keep the cold air out.

#3. Cover Your Outlets

Do you feel cool air around your outlets? That is a sign air is getting in! Use insulated covers and child safety covers to keep warm air in and cold air out!

#4 Use a Programmable Thermostat

During the day, keep your house set at a comfortable 68 degrees.

#5. Purchase a Electricity Usage Monitor

Use products such as the Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor to see how much energy the items in your home are really using. Devices such as your printer, computer, coffee maker, etc. can really add up in energy usage, even if they aren't turned on!

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