• Shannon Ricco

Pantry Organization Tips

1. Make a list of everything in your pantry and put them into categories (canned goods, pastas, snacks, etc)

2. Choose containers for your items - choose a few different types including: baskets, sealing plastic containers, glass jars, wire baskets, etc.

3. Purchase containers: Check out Target, The Container Store, and Homegoods for a great deal!

4. Pick up some cute labels: chalk board stickers and chalk pen are a fun way to label your goods. Plus they can be reused

5. Clean out the pantry: Donate items you do not want, toss expired goods, and wipe down those shelves.

6. Put remaining food in containers

7. Label everything! Make sure you do this after everything is organized so you are sure it fits

8. Organize on shelves in an order that makes sense

Take a look at the following photos for some great inspo!

Image: Honey Bear Lane

Image: Rachel Parcell

Image: the home edit

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