• Shannon Ricco

Nokomis Market Snapshot: March 2018 vs March 2019

Deciding if it is a good time to buy or sell in the Nokomis area? The answer is YES! Although it appears to be a "sellers market", the trending increase in prices of the Nokomis area year after year indicate it is still a smart time to buy, and feel good about paying the price it takes. Predictions are this trend will not slow down anytime soon and you can feel good about your investment.

Thinking about buying or selling? Please reach out; I'd love to learn about your goals and discuss how we can achieve them!

Take a look at these snapshots from the different Nokomis neighborhoods to find out what you can expect as a buyer or seller:

What do these numbers mean for you as a Nokomis buyer or seller? Reach out and let's chat about why it is a good time for BOTH sides of the transaction!

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