• Shannon Ricco

My Top Interior Trends 2018

Interior design. Some of us naturally get it, and some of us don't. The great thing about 2018 is that for either type of person, there is always Pinterest and HGTV to help us inspire our inner designer.

I have obsessed over interior design for the past few years, and I can truly say I am loving the trends of 2018/2019.

I have put together my top 6 trends, and hope it inspires you to make small or large changes to fully fall in love with your space!

Trend #1: Concrete

Whether it be your floors, countertops, walls, fireplace, or even bathtubs, concrete is king when it comes to sleek, modern design. Have old carpet you want to rip out? Don't worry about picking a new flooring, simply buff and refinish the concrete below. Want the look even if you have a lower level, check with a contractor to see if they can pour new concrete over your existing subfloor.

Trend #2: Mixed Metallics

No need to be super matchy-matchy when it comes to your design. Go ahead and buy those brass pendants and chrome cabinet hardware. Even throw in some matte black to really pop.

Money saving tip: Simply changing out your hardware/fixtures is a great way to update any space without breaking the bank!

Tip #3: Light Wood Floors

They're baaaack! Say "bye-bye" to those cherry and walnut floors you installed in the early 2000s, and welcome back the light wood trend. Woods such as maple, pine, and hickory are gorgeous, and chances are if your home hasn't been updated since the 90's, you might still have them! Everything comes back in style, right?

Pros of light wood? Makes the room feel much larger and hides those imperfections. *What dog nail scratches??*

Update tip: Still have your light floors from 20 years ago? Simply update the look by getting rid of that light wood trim and paint it white!

Tip #4: Bold Colors

Feeling a little wild? Go for that bold paint color and decor! Navy blue and black are taking over, and I love it (my kitchen is navy)! If you do choose a dark color, break it up a bit with brighter accents, light wood, and some wicker.

Trend #5: Quartz

Quartz is KING right now! Why? It's much less expensive than marble, is more durable, and honestly looks exactly the same. We have white quartz in our kitchen, and I adore it.

And let's be honest, does anyone even buy granite anymore?

Trend #6: Black Fixtures:

This is probably my favorite trend this year! How gorgeous does that black look! Talk about a beautiful contrast!

Get rid of those tired brass fixtures, and instantly modernize your space with black. It matches everything and is super easy to clean (especially matte). My tip would be to pair these beauties with white stone, concrete and wood tones.

What do you think of these trends? Anything you would add?


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