• Shannon Ricco

Choosing The Right Neighborhood

Deciding where to live can be difficult, especially when you aren't too familiar with your new area. Take a look at the following 6 steps you can take to help choose the perfect neighborhood for you!

#1. Choose a general area before you start your house search

To save on time and stress, narrow down 1 or 2 ideal neighborhoods before you being looking for your new home.

#2. Talk to the neighbors!

Speak with residents about the area, ask questions, and mention your concerns.

#3. Don't Settle

It is always a great idea to snag the worst house in the best area, or if it's in the budget, buy the best house in the best area :). Remember, you can always change the house, but not the neighborhood.

#4. Consider Schools

If you have children, make sure to check out the nearby schools. Take a look at ratings, and do your homework!

#5. Safety!

Check reliable websites for crime maps, Megan's Law, and make phone calls to local law enforcement for an overview of the area.

#6. Walk Around

Take a walk or drive around the area to check out nearby shops, parks, and schools.

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