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10 Things Realtors Do For Buyers

1. Help Get A Mortgage: A good agent will be able to recommend a reliable and reputable lender to work with to make sure you are on the right track to purchasing your dream home. 2. Narrow Down Your Search A Realtor will work with the needs and wants you have expressed, and will focus on homes that meet your criteria. 3. Write Up An Offer Your agent will ensure your offer is a good one that not only protects you, but impresses the seller enough to accept. 4. Negotiate Price and Terms Experienced agents know the value of what they are helping their clients buy. They will negotiate on your behalf to make sure you never pay more than you have to. 5. Attend Inspection Every buyer's agent should be present at the home inspection and ask the right questions regarding the condition of the home. 6. Negotiate Home Inspection Repairs If there are any issues discovered during the home inspection, your agent will help you negotiate with the seller to either have the issues fixed or cover the cost to do so. 7. Recommend Professionals Home Inspectors, contractors, lenders, and other professionals are often part of the Real Estate equation, and your agent will be able to recommend those that are highly reputable. 8. Communicate With Sellers Agent A good agent will ensure you and the seller will remain on the same page throughout the entire closing process. 9. Monitor Your Mortgage Commitment Your agent should keep tabs on the status of your mortgage and inform you on practices to do or not do during the process. 10. Help You Understand The Closing Process There is a lot that happens during escrow before a deal closes, and your agent will help you through the process.

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